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MobileLBS addresses the rapidly growing market for standalone wireless vehicle management and theft detection/recovery systems, self-contained GPS trackers for law enforcement, mobile security and asset tracking applications, tracking high-value and high-risk cargo, and portable GPS solutions for Lone Workers, teens, elderly and high risk individuals.

Implementing mobile applications and location-based services is a challenge for any business large or small sometimes requiring integration with existing network infrastructure and internal systems. And once installed and available, the success of an LBS initiative isn't guaranteed.

The team at MobileLBS helps organizations develop and implement a cost effective LBS initiative to meet their specific requirements. Starting with hardware agnostic approach the MobileLBS consultants meet with our customers to determine their needs, budget and long term goals.

With over 20 years of combined expertise and knowledge in GPS and LBS applications our team provides expert professional services and support required to implement a solution with the highest ROI possible.

Meet The Team

Keith Pitts, President
Keith is a seasoned professional with over 35 years experience in the international high technology markets. He has over 10 years experience in the Telematics industry as Executive Vice President of BSM, creators of the Stinger “Bait Car” system and as a consultant acted as Worldscout’s Vice President of Business Development. Keith has worked with Law Enforcement Officers and Loss Prevention Managers throughout North America and had designed and implemented hundreds of GPS based tracking and management solutions.

Ed Teixeira, Executive Vice President
Ed is a Certified General Accountant who has worked in a variety of industries, including mining, energy and security, cumulating in over fifteen years of progressive experience in the areas of business development, planning and cost control. Ed held the position of Controller at Garda and led all finance and accounting aspects for the Ontario and Western Canada operations. Before joining MobileLBS Ed was a consultant acting as VP of Finance at Worldscout.

Rick Sittler, Sales Manager SWO
Prior to joining MobileLBS Rick was a principal in The Sittler Group based in Elmira Ontario. At the Sitter Group Rick worked with some of Canada’s largest fleet operators and gained an interest finding and implementing systems that would help fleet managers increase efficiency, reduce their operating costs and help to minimize their company’s carbon footprint.  Rick see’s LBS and affordable GPS based Fleet Management systems as one of the key factors in helping fleet managers meet these objectives.

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