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    Will installing a GPS based tracking system in my trucks really save me money?

    MobileLBS demystifies the GPS dilemma. Our Consultants offer expert advice on what a Telematics system
    can and can’t do and what return on your investment you can expect. Call MobileLBS today.

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    My insurance company is encouraging me to install a GPS tracking system. Do they really work?

    You have spent a lot of money customizing that Classic Car and Motorcycle. The right GPS based system will protect
    your investment 24/7 wherever you are. Call MobileLBS today.

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    Most of my employees work alone. Can a cellular based tracking system protect them at all times?

    New Smartphones when partnered with the right applications can offer a tremendous level of security and peace of mind.
    Call MobileLBS today to learn which applications are best suited to your needs.


Location Based Services (LBS) are information and entertainment services accessible with mobile devices through the mobile network and utilizing the ability to make use of the geographical position of the mobile device. They can utilize multiple technologies such as the GPS satellite network, cellular networks, Wi-Fi networks, RFID and other technologies. They are an example of telecommunication convergence.

How can I use Location Based Services in my business? You hear about vehicle tracking, monitoring driving habits, locating your employees and protecting your family members – all using GPS and tracking software. Before you consider any of the hardware or software options available you must first look at your business and personal objectives; what you want to accomplish and what is the most cost effective way of doing so.

MobileLBS specializes in understanding our customers business and their business requirements. Applying our knowledge to our customer’s requirements we provide sound, professional advice as to if, when and how LBS technology can be used to meet your business needs.

Our consultants have been involved in the LBS industry since inception and have worked for many of the major hardware and software companies. Our expertise allows us to marry our customer’s needs to LBS technology solutions and advise re platforms, products and applications. Our customers use our reports as a basis for evaluating manufacturers and their products.

We offer “best-of-breed” hardware and software solutions that are best suited to our customers requirements whether they be for personal productivity, lone worker safety, vehicle and fleet management, asset protection, security and investigation and law enforcement. 

What We Do

Implementing mobile applications and maneuvering through the myriad of Location Based Services available is challenging even for the most tech savvy! MobileLBS works with its clients to find the best possible solution for their requirements and environment. [Read More...]

News Flash

MobileLBS is pleased to announce that it it now an Authorized Distributor for Mace Security International, Inc. for their Take Down Law Enforcement Pepper Spray products.

MobileLBS will be launching the Take Down products at the upcoming Blue Line Trade Show, April 26 & 27, at LeParc Conference Centre, 8432 Leslie St, Markham, ON
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