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Mace Security International, Inc.

The Take Down® line of pepper sprays is manufactured for use by law enforcement, correctional institutions, and security personnel and maintains a 40 year tradition of high-quality law enforcement products from Mace Personal Defense. In addition to a complete line of pepper sprays in a variety of formulations and models, the Take Down product line includes a training kit, inert training units, Relief decontamination spray and holsters.

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Find It Now USA

Find It Now USA, LLC is the developer of the FIN™ Security System, designed specifically for the Power Sports Industry. As motorcycle and snowmobile riders ourselves, we at MobileLBS know the peril of being without security on these vehicles. The NATIONAL INSURANCE CRIME BUREAU STATISTICS reports that nearly 61,000 motorcycle’s were reported stolen in 2008 representing a loss of over $404 million dollars. In the U.S., one motorcycle is stolen every 8.3 minutes and typical recovery rate of motorcycles is only 25-30%.

In recent years, a disturbing trend has surfaced in the ATV industry. Police say few of the stolen all-terrain vehicles are ever recovered. ATV’s are being stolen in Southwestern Ontario at an alarming rate -- and only a fraction are ever recovered, police say. With new, high-end four-wheelers costing more than $11,000, they've become "a hot commodity during this season," said Const. Bob MacDonald of Oxford Community police. His force investigates ATV thefts, "in the high season, probably two or three times a week."

Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, ATV’s and Water Craft can be “lifted and loaded” on a truck in a matter of seconds rendering fork locks and traditional alarm systems useless!

The FIN is the most reliable and easy to use product available today! It is rugged, shock resistant, heat resistant and waterproof. The FIN can be used on Power Sports vehicles of every kind. Your FIN system will alert you via cellular text message and email anytime your vehicle is moved without your knowledge. The FIN 24/7 Monitoring Center is ready to assist you in locating and tracking your vehicle and interfacing with police anywhere in North America to facilitate a quick recovery.

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GPS Insight provides reliable GPS tracking, navigation, and messaging technology to fleet based customers. Using the GPS Insight fleet tracking product, companies realize a significant increase in efficiency, and are able to gain insight into all aspects of their fleet. Current location, unlimited history, engine diagnostics, routing, reports, alerts, and messaging all combine to provide the perfect product for most companies. Our flexibility is one of our core strengths, and we regularly customize reports, alerts, and solutions around exact customer requirements.

GPS Insight takes the best GPS hardware available today and adds the technology and usability enhancements which fleet based companies demand. Best of breed mapping, Google Earth integration, routing, customizations, alerts, messaging, specialized reports, and mobile phone integration are all capabilities which we have developed to take our GPS tracking solution "to the next level" -- but very affordably, and with the best ROI available today.

The GPS Insight customer base is over a thousand customers and growing continually with over ten thousand vehicles tracked today, and they are spread throughout all of North America. GPSInsight customers are supported 24x7x365 through MobileLBS in Canada and several U.S. based offices and employee locations.

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GPS Intelligence

MobileLBS has partnered with GPS Intelligence, LLC to provide state-of-the-art covert tracking solutions for Law Enforcement and Government applications. GPS Intelligence solutions include Autonomous, Assisted, & Hybrid-Assisted GPS tracking equipment. Their equipment technology along with advanced mapping software allows MobileLBS to provide the very best solutions for our Law Enforcement partners.

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Tenet Mobile

MobileLBS has partnered with Tenet Mobile to market their line of custom integrated solutions that address client-specific requirements. Their Mobility Products are a set of business applications designed to provide extremely high return on investment (ROI), by allowing your organization to start reaping the benefits of mobile technology in a matter of hours or days, not months. Tenet's custom and "shrink-wrapped" applications leverage 25 years of experience in the industry and their expertise in key I.T. infrastructure areas such as Identity Management, Directories, Messaging, and Security.

MobileLBS are Authorized Resellers for Tenet’s PINPoint, cDir and Mobile
Alerts applications.

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Blackline GPS, Corp., was founded in 2004, integrating satellite GPS tracking with cellular GSM technology to provide innovative wireless products and service solutions to address the growing markets in vehicle and watercraft security and recovery, location-sharing, workforce management and family efficiency concepts. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Blackline GPS powers the ESCORT® Entourage™CIS and PS vehicle security systems, combining the premium components of the ESCORT family of products with a level of user website connectivity, access to global databases and back-end location tracking and recovery only Blackline GPS can offer. Other products include Harpoon™ GPS watercraft security systems, BlipPlus™ Friend-finder app for Blackberry® smartphone and the Blackline GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service, providing instant text, email and direct voice contact alerts when vehicles or watercraft are tampered with, and a national recovery network should they be stolen. Technology, dedication and vision combine to create an ever-growing suite of tools designed to Protect. Share. Connect™.

MobileLBS is an Authorized BlacklineGPS Reseller.

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Amber Alert GPS

Amber Alert GPS was founded by Mr. Russell Thornton in Salt Lake City, Utah after he lost his son at an amusement park. Fortunately for Russell, he recovered his son safely and the story had a happy ending. Founded in 2009 Amber Alert GPS Canada’s core values are to provide excellence to all of our Canadian families.

Amber Alert GPS gives parents the ability to limit their children's boundaries by creating a safe zone, create a "bread crumbing" trail of their route through a series of alerts, an alert that notifies parents when their child reaches their destination, voice monitoring, and even the ability to monitor the speed of a vehicle your child is riding in.

MobileLBS is an Authorized Reseller for Amber Alert Canada. MobileLBS strives to deliver the highest possible level of customer service from the pre-sale consultation to ensuring your complete satisfaction post-purchase. Integrity, innovation, and attention to detail are the cornerstones of our business.

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News Flash

Vehicle theft rate hits 20-year low

Reported vehicle theft has fallen to a 20-year low even as the number of vehicles on the road has doubled, as manufacturers install sophisticated anti-theft technology in cars and police target organized car-theft rings. Many cars also include other theft-prevention technologies, such as alarm systems and GPS tracking devices that help locate a stolen vehicle, he says.

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