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Implementing mobile applications and maneuvering through the myriad of Location Based Services available is challenging even for the most tech savvy! MobileLBS works with its clients to find the best possible solution for their requirements and environment. We assist in the assessment, planning, product selection, and implementation and training stages. With over 30 years of combined expertise and knowledge in GPS and LBS applications our team provides expert professional services and support required to implement a solution with the highest ROI possible.

The correct implementation of LBS and Mobile Applications will have an enormous impact on how a business operates, how mobile assets, customers and employees are managed. Doing it right the first time ensures success, saves money and provides a competitive edge.

MobileLBS - GPS Tracker Rental Program

MobileLBS realizes that you may not require or need a permanent tracking solution to meet your requirements. Are you or a family member taking a trip and want to allow other family members to track your progress? Do you have a new Teen Age Driver and need to monitor their driving habits and whereabouts? Are you concerned that your commercial vehicles are not where they should be? Maybe valuable assets and equipment is going missing and you suspect employee theft? These and numerous other reasons are why a GPS Tracker Rental may be your best solution. We offer the same hi-quality, professional grade equipment that we sell on both short and long-term approved rental basis.


  • No activation fee
  • No long term contract
  • No airtime fees
  • No extra charges

We will ship you a fully activated device. During your rental period, you will have access to a private website where you will be able to login and monitor your device and its whereabouts. At the end of the rental period, you can export a report with the devices locations and information such a speed travelled, zone violations and more.

Once you see how easy the tracker is to use and the value of the reports you may decide to purchase it. If so 50% of the rental fee may be applied towards purchase of a  the system to a maximum of 50% of the system hardware cost. There is 1 month time limit on using this rental credit, and the rental credit cannot be transferred or assigned in any manner. Contact us today for details on the MobileLBS Rental Program. Click Here to Download Rental Agreement

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Berg Insight says 3.5 million cars in Europe have a telematics device

According to a new research report from the analyst firm Berg Insight, 3.5 million passenger cars in Europe will have an on-board telematics device at the end of 2009. Aftermarket telematics systems for stolen vehicle tracking and insurance applications still dominate the market, while the market share for OEM systems remains small. www.berginsight.com

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